July 27, 2023
July 2023 Software and firmware updates

Nuevas versiones

  • GS-911 Diagnostics v2307.2 (updated to v2308.1)
  • GS-911wifi Firmware v1.76 - 0.273 (updated to v1.76 - 0.274); Datapack v249

GS-911 Diagnostics and GS-911wifi Web application functionality

  • Automatic detection of 2023 new models: R18 Roctane, C400X, G310GS, G310R. 
  • Support for the Authorities Module (XBCA Controller) to ensure OEM compatibility.
  • Add XKOMBI53 Controller Unit configuration service functions - The Instrument Cluster Unit coding functions are now released for the R1200RT. 
  • Various K24 Instrument Cluster Display options are added. These provide various user requested configuration features. These include
    • Trip 1 or 2 choices
    • Average and/or instantaneous Fuel consumption
    • Range reserve
    • Tyre pressure/temperature
    • Oil level
    • Alarm LED display duration
    • Average speed display
    • Date display
    • Heated grips display
    • Tacho and LCD illumination level
    • Speedometer smoothing

  • Add XKOMBI18 Windscreen calibration function for the C650GT(2016+) for OEM feature compatibility.
  • Better menu access and paging support for Real-time value log files. The real-time value log file listing can henceforth also be accessed from the Vehicle level (Controller list) menu. This gives the end user the ability to navigate to historic files even when not connected to a vehicle for vehicle detection. The historic log file listing also supports paging with 20 files per page to allow the user to browse a bigger collection of files.

  • Display the Current Driving Mode for Engine controllers and Damping and Preload Modes for Suspension controllers in the Autoscan. This will indicate the current selection settings in the Autoscan and can be saved, printed or exported for user records.
  • Download an Autoscan as an .html file. In addition to the existing basic tabular .txt format, also make the Autoscan downloadable in formatted .html file for a modern look and feel.

  • Add data pack integrity check. Add the ability to verify the checksum of every file in the application data pack to ensure its integrity and help detect SD memory card failures or incomplete firmware downloads.
  • Improved GUI layout with sticky headers and footers. This reduces the need for users on smaller screens (mobile) to have to scroll down to the end of e.g. a long Autoscan report to have to be able to press the ‘Back’ button.
  • Add an icon in the header to indicate Codeblock is busy with activity. Provides the user with a better visual indication that communication with the bike is ongoing.
  • Add an icon in the header to indicate a software/device update is available. This provides the user with a visual reminder that an upgrade to the latest features/improvements is available.

GS-911wifi Web application functionality

  • Flight Recorder / Data Logger Mode. In the web application the user will get the ability to record up to 64 real-time values from more than one K24 or K001 controller, continuously until the mode is cancelled or the device is powered down. Each ignition cycle will create a new timestamped CSV file to the internal memory card. The estimated sample period is recalculated and displayed, as the user selects values. The values in the CSV file can be used to graph or perform in depth analysis of the various values e.g. data logged around a race track. This provides a multi-controller expansion to the existing Realtime-value logging functionality.